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Change of Venue Granted in Hudson Murder Trial


By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

PALESTINE – A change of venue order has been granted for the upcoming murder trial of William Mitchell Hudson. Hudson stands accused in the murders of six individuals near the Tennessee Colony area in November of 2015.

In a press conference held in the District Courtroom of the Anderson County Courthouse on Nov. 19, 2015, Sherriff Gregg Taylor reported all of the six individuals had been identified and were the victims of murder.

The names of the victims were: Kade Johnson, 6; Carl Johnson, 76; Hannah Johnson, 40; Austin Kamp, 21; Thomas Kamp, 46; and Nathan Kamp, 23.

Hudson was served with three counts of capital murder after six capital murder warrants were combined into three.

“There are no adequate words to truly describe this horrific and senseless act. Six members of two different, yet joined families are gone. Our hearts grieve for the Johnson and Kamp’s families and we will use all our resources to prosecute Hudson to the fullest extent of the law,” Anderson County District Attorney Allyson Mitchell said in mid-November 2015.

The change of venue was granted by Third District Court Judge Mark Calhoon after attorneys for the state and for the defendant came to an agreement.

Hudson has pled “not guilty” to all charges. His next scheduled court appearance is set for mid-May and the trial is expected to begin sometime early in the fall.

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