THE WEEKENDER by Clyde Black:

“I Pondered A Lot”

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 People ponder.  It’s a healthy thing to ponder; at least it’s supposed to be.  I wouldn’t suggest pondering how to rob a bank or get your next hit of meth.  Those are wicked and evil pondering thoughts and will eventually lead to all kinds of negative situations.  It’s a good thing to ponder yourself and your own behavior.  Generally, we are all responsible for our situations.  Although today it’s easy to blame someone else because personal responsibility doesn’t seem be an expected norm of society.  Nevertheless, I do ponder.

 Over the New Year’s holiday, I pondered a lot.  I had a couple of days off and found myself pondering my life, my past, my successes and my failures.  I thought a lot about my family and for some reason started thinking about my brothers-in-law.  I have three sisters and I dearly love them all.  I probably wasn’t a very good big brother because at critical times in their lives I was off having my adventure in Vietnam.  They all married which means I had three brothers-in-law.  Well, not so fast.  I actually had 6 of them due to life’s circumstances and stuff.  Right now, as far as the sister’s go, I only have one brother-in-law.  Congratulations, Chuck.  You are like the sole survivor of that group and I love you dearly.  You have been a great husband and care giver to my sister and I love and respect you more than you know!

 My wife’s brother, Bob, is also a brother-in-law.  Bob and his wife, Jean Ann, have been a blessing to me.  I don’t think Bob has a mean bone in his body and I know that sometimes my political ranting must leave him flustered.  He is a success financially and morally.  A very thoughtful man.  A favorite story of mine is that when he and Claire, my wife, were young she had severe stomach issues and had a restrictive diet.  She couldn’t have snacks other kids had.  Bob would take his snacks into a closet to eat so she wouldn’t feel left out.  Now, that’s thoughtful.  So my pondering finally got back to my own self-reflection and I wondered what Bob must think of me.  Am I caring for his sister in a way I would want my sister cared for?  Have I been a burden or source of concern?  Of all the things your must have wanted for your sister I hope I’ve provided a few.  All of this pondering has worn me out but believe this Bob, I’m afraid of her!  I will not hurt the woman because I know, in the depths of my heart that she will hurt me worse!  Happy New Year Houston County and God Bless!

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