Genesis 24 – “A Bride Found for Isaac”

By Wes Woodard

I love this portion of God’s Word. Abraham sends his oldest servant away from Canaan to find a bride for his son.  The servant prays that when he reaches his destination a young lady will be drawing water from a well and respond positively when he asks her for a drink of water, then she will volunteers to water all of Abraham’s ten camels in his caravan!

And, this is exactly what happens! Rebekah comes out and does exactly what the servant had asked of the Lord.

When the servant sees all this, he worships the God of his Master, Abraham.  Soon an agreement is made for Rebekah, who was also the daughter of Abraham’s brother!

They quickly leave for Canaan and Abraham and Isaac.  When Isaac, who had been out meditating, sees the caravan returning he goes and takes Rebekah into his mother, Sarah’s tent and she becomes his wife, and loves her.

There came a time when I also asked the Lord to guide me to the one He had chosen for me.

After I finished A&M and was enrolled at Dallas Seminary, the Lord brought her into my life. That was 55 years ago! She has been a perfect wife for me, loving the Lord and His Word. I directed three Christian Youth Camps with her by my side.

 Today, I have a desire to see a Plymouth Brethren Assembly in Grapeland. They are Bible based: Dispensational (The next event will be the Rapture of the Church, (all believers), followed by a Seven Year period of Tribulation, then Christ’s Return to the earth to set up His 1000 year reign where He will rule from Jerusalem and there will be a time of peace and prosperity.)

They have Elders who guide each assembly. (They often begin by meeting at night in a home.  If you would be interested, just call me at my Grapeland number in the phone directory.)

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