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HORACE MCQUEEN: Why Not Share Information? It’s Our Dollars!


Too often full financial reporting is something directors and management will not share with the taxpayers who pay the bills. The High Plains Underground Water Conservation District headquartered in Lubbock is an exception. The Board of Directors goes all out to keep the public informed about their business. The HPWD website is a goldmine of financial information. Monthly board meeting agendas, minutes of meetings, list of monthly bills and budget versus actual are always available via the website. In their full disclosure to the public, the HPWD also names all employees, salaries and benefits paid. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our taxpayer funded outfits in East Texas would follow the HPWD formula?

A Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant owner in a small Ohio town wanted to do something good for law enforcement officers. So, he posted this sign in the windows. ”All uniformed police officers eat free, everyday, all day”. Sounds great! But not to the militant “Black Lives Matter” sympathizers — they marched, clashed with KFC supporters and threatened to burn the restaurant down. Maybe the protestors wanted their meals free!

Last week in Indiana, Notre Dame University had Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States, as commencement speaker. Just as Mr. Pence started his speech, several students — many alongside their parents – noisily rose from their seats and marched out of the auditorium. If the powers that be at Notre Dame have the guts to do so, distribute a news release that names the dissident students, their hometowns and their major while at the university.

That would surely work against the students as they enter the workforce — or try to!

As for their parents, name them and let their employers know they have some idiots on the payroll!

The wimps in Congress who claim to represent the American farmer and rancher are at it again. The decision to open our doors to imports of cooked poultry products from China has been made.

In return, Chinese bureaucrats are saying they will allow “some” imports of U.S. beef. So, Washington has sold the U.S. poultry producer down the river in order to possibly sending some of our beef to China. Chicken nuggets from China — no thanks!

— Horace@valornet.com

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