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By Walter Scott

To all my friends and readers,

After 16 years of writing for the Messenger, I sadly must retire from my somewhat amateurish writing. There could be many reasons, but the overwhelming reason is my personal health. Over the past two months, I have developed some several heart problems. On May 3rd, it was determined I needed a “pacemaker” and it was surgically implanted. Less than a month later, I woke up about 1am unable to breathe. After 2 or 3 hours, the problem didn’t go away, so I woke up Jacque, my wife, to take me to the hospital. They quickly stabilized me and determined I would be kept in the hospital pending evaluation by the staff cardiologist. After several tests and surgical procedures, it was determined I had CHF, congestive heart failure. It is having a drastic effect on my life.

All the activities, projects around the house have come to an end. I can’t mow my yard, work in my yard, nor drive very far. (I have driven to Crockett twice since this happened to me.) My primary activity is breathing. I sleep a lot, but as far as any activity goes, I may be good for an hour.

In both cases, the pacemaker and the CHF, there were no warning signs. My cardiologist said there were a few documented cases like mine, but it is rare. All of this has come as a shock to my system. Jacque says I need to establish a new “norm” – meaning a new lifestyle I can live with. I know she is right, but I wasn’t ready for this. Nor am I ready for a new “norm,” but it is inevitable that I must have one.

I am no longer able to put out the effort in writing a column every week. Numerous doctor appointments, changing meds, and the realization of my situation over shadow my ability to write a column. Add to that, the fact that there are more restrictions on writing that were not in place previously. For 16 years I have been an unpaid amateur writer and I have no regrets. Perhaps when I can get my life in order and manage my medical problems I will submit a column if the Messenger will allow me to do so.

In the meantime remember to thank God for what you have. You never know when it may go away.



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