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Silent Threat Results in Arrest


By Teresa Holloway
Messenger Reporter
PALESTINE – There is no sound quite like a shotgun being racked, as two local residents can attest.
Palestine Police Officers Lewis and Stringfield responded to a disturbance call on Illinois Street at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 22 in reference to that exact scenario.
Stringfield arrived at the scene of the disturbance shortly after Lewis, who had already made contact with the complainant, Willy Donnell, 48, and another witness, Clifford Williams.
According to the report, both parties were on Illinois Street when they observed the accused, Martin Torrez, 24, standing across the street from them at a residence on Durham Street.
Lewis reported both the complainant and the witness told him Torrez was observed racking a firearm which was noticed after hearing the distinctive sound of the slide racking.
The report stated both parties observed Torrez point the gun at them and then head to the back of the residence on Durham Street.
The Durham Street homeowner gave consent for a search, according to Lewis’ report, and the officer located a dark brown colored shotgun on the ground in front of the rear door. The homeowner denied the weapon belonged to her.
Stringfield spoke to Donnell and reported Donnell was not able to provide a specific description of this firearm due to his vision, but did state the firearm was dark or black colored.
Donnell told police he feared for his life at the time the weapon was pointed in his direction and wanted to file charges.
Torrez was placed under arrest for Deadly Conduct.