Grapeland Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Rhone Funeral Home

By Teresa Holloway
Messenger Reporter

ELKHART – The Grapeland Chamber of Commerce welcomed the brand new Rhone Funeral Home to the network of Grapeland and Houston County enterprises Sept. 1.
The newly constructed building was designed by Ben Rhone and he and his wife Kari own the business, partnered with John Rhone.
Both Rhone men are second generation funeral home specialists, and John explained the business represents a lifelong dream for the two families.
“My wife Kari and I are the owners. We are looking forward to helping Houston and Anderson and surrounding counties.
“This is a dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to do this. I started at a young age working at a funeral home. I’ve been in the business for over 50 years. My cousin John Rhone has been in business for years as well.
“His grandfather, Cotton Jeffus, worked for a funeral home for more than 15 years. We are all a big family here and we are not getting any younger, so we decided to just go ahead and do this,” he said.
John added, “I am a second generation, my grandfather was Cotton Jeffus. He ran a funeral home in Grapeland for more 50 years. I went to work with him in 1997 and I worked with him until he died in 2006 and I’ve been on my own since then.
“Ben came to me with this idea and I went with it. We both had a different vision of where our future was going and where we were it just wasn’t what we wanted.
“This is it. This is what we wanted, Ben gave us a great opportunity,” John Rhone said. “We are looking forward to serving the community from here.”
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