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Lotta Watta

By Teresa Holloway

Messenger Reporter

GRAPELAND – With roughly two inches or more of rain in the last few days, many parts of the county are under water – but no one seems to be complaining yet.

IMG_3947The hot dry days have parched areas of the county, lowering ground water levels, shrinking the water quantity in tanks and ponds and creating fire hazards in wooded and pastured areas.

Easy to see why so far, it seems everyone is welcoming the heavy, steady rain – at least in this area.

Joshua Lichter from the National Weather Service in the Houston office explained, “So far, the area has had long enough breaks between heavy rainfall events to keep flooding localized.  If we can keep that pattern going, we should make it through this event with only minor impacts.”

The area is not out of the woods yet, however. “Conditions remain favorable for potential heavy rainfall.  If that rain falls over already saturated grounds, flooding will be possible,” Lichter added.

Law enforcement officials reiterated concerns about crossing deep or swiftly moving water. The ‘Turn Around, Don’t Drown’ motto was brought out of the closet for the duration.


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