By Clyde Black

We live in a very exciting, interesting and extraordinary time.  With today’s media and communications instant reporting we are today living the moments of history more timely than ever before.  We are inundated with information and opinions.  We pray that the information we get is correct and pray for the wisdom to recognize opinion from fact.  No matter what the source.  Unfortunately, opinions often cloud the truth and facts get distorted by prejudices of the sources of that information.  Whew!  It can drive a fair minded person nuts!

I ran for public office as a Republican!  I’ll tell you why.  I’m old enough to remember when Texas was very much a State run by Democrats.  I was getting to voting age about the time I signed up as a Marine to go to Vietnam and fight for country, Mom, apple pie and the girl next door.  At the same time things started getting crazy here at home.  Protests against the war started, guys started going to Canada to avoid service, drugs became prevalent, free love, sex, decaying morals and government welfare became the norms of our society.  Right or wrong, in my mind at the time, it seemed that all these extreme developments were fully the principles advocated by people calling themselves Democrats.  When I got out of the Corps, I came home to a country that was calling me a baby killer, war monger, blood thirsty psychological sicko, etc., etc.  I had earned five rows of ribbons (awards) and never wore my uniform in public.  Obviously, I avoided anyone who identified as a liberal or Democrat.

All the hate our country groups in the ‘70’s, Worker’s World, Students Against a Democratic Society, Black Panthers, various Liberation Armies, Weather Underground (Bill Ayers group—President 44’s friend), etc., etc., identified with and were welcomed by the Democratic Party.  Guess what, this old country boy, native Texan, just never felt all that HATE.  Not against anyone even those calling themselves Democrats.

Sadly, I hate to say that those calling themselves Democrats are becoming more hateful than ever.  We have a President today who has accomplished more in less than 2 years than any before him.  How can anyone who is an American object to his ridding us of the Iranian thing?  Who ever would have even thought he might end the Korean War?  Actually already bringing home 200 remains of Americans who perished in the Korean War.  Who can object to strengthening our military?  What American doesn’t want to deny access to our country by Muslim extremists or having safer borders?  What American really wants to give foreign aid to countries that hate us?  Who can object to his tax cuts and reversal of regulations that hurt corporate growth and the jobs market?  Who can really object to starting positive dialogue with Russia?

I know I’m running out of space so let me admit or acknowledge that of course there are well intentioned folks out there who disagree.  My question is, must we have all the HATE in our disagreements.  If Trump wanted to put $1,000,000 in everyone’s bank account the Democrats wouldn’t vote for it.  They are so full of HATE that they are blind.  Please, if you are a Democrat, just try to get along a little and all that hate will destroy you!  He is a rude, uncouth guy from New York but we don’t have to HATE him.  I’m glad I ran for office as a Republican because I would be embarrassed to be identified with such HATE.  Lord, please help us unharden our hearts.