By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – Crockett Police Department Sgt. Alfredo Fajardo was the recent recipient of an award from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) “… for his hard work in investigating and arresting drunk driving suspects.”

“Sgt. Fajardo led the department this year in DWI arrests and strives to teach the younger officers the proper ways to investigate and prepare these cases,” CPD Lt. Clayton Smith said.

Smith added CPD Police Chief David “Buddy” Cross and Fajardo’s fellow police officers are extremely proud of the police sergeant’s “…  excellent work in this area.”

Assistant County Attorney Amber Bewley stated “Sgt. Alfredo Fajardo is an exemplary officer and works tirelessly on behalf of the citizens of Crockett. Nowhere does his hard work and expertise shine more than when he is working a DWI case. “

The statement added Fajardo does not look for the easy way out or take shortcuts but seeks to provide the prosecution with solid cases which are “trial ready.”

“Sgt. Fajardo is constantly striving to further his knowledge, attending advanced trainings and classes in the field of detected intoxicated drivers.  In fact, I have relied on his knowledge several times when confronted with a new issue,” Bewley stated.

In addition, the assistant county attorney asserted Fajardo is prepared for all stages of the trial and has reviewed any and all pertinent facts relevant to the case before it is brought before the court.

“He is prepared on any weaknesses the case may have, and can discuss them intelligently,” Bewley  stated. “His testimony is thorough, knowledgeable and believable. I can’t think of anyone better to receive the MADD Award.”

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