CEIDC Gets New Project Coordinator

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – Crockett Economic and Industrial Development Corporation (CEIDC) held a board meeting Monday, Mar. 25 to consider and approve a consulting agreement for a project coordinator as the city continues to move the project forward, in spite of the challenges. 

Crockett City Council is serving as CEIDC board of directors since the board, along with all CEIDC employees were suspended in early 2023, after the results of a forensic financial audit were released. The city recently voted to look into the findings and those possibly responsible for mistakes, however the work of CEIDC continues, even as those matters are being concluded. 

Crockett City Administrator John Angerstein asked the board to approve a consulting contract with Nancy Windham, who he said has been working with the city on various projects and is well known to many. He said the city needs help in getting pending projects, “over the finish line” and asked for approval to work with her. 

“She’s been working closely with the city for quite a few years in fact, but with me specifically over the last year behind the scenes,” Angerstein said. “The board approved for me to go out and seek consulting services to help lead us through some of the some good projects we have pending. We need someone who has the expertise, the time and the ability to get these projects handled and I can’t think of a more qualified person to help us.”

Nancy Windham thanks CEIDC board of directors at a Monday, Mar. 25 board meeting for accepting her as a consultant to help the city keep its efforts going during the next phase of operations.

Angerstein has been filling in, where possible, to help CEIDC with projects left over from before the suspension, such as A&A Texas Capital, who is building the large industrial complex along the Crockett 304 Loop. Angerstein has been looking for help with the growing workload in a growing city, and city council recently approved an Assistant City Manager to help, as reported recently in The Messenger. 

“To me it comes with a big sigh of relief to work with someone with the knowledge and expertise Windham has,” Angerstein said. “And that we can have her as our representative in negotiations and working on some of the proposals we have before us. I would highly recommend that we enter into this agreement with her.”

Crockett Mayor Dr. Ianthia Fisher agreed, saying Windham is someone familiar with the goals of the city and who could help take CEIDC through the next step and not lose any business opportunities in the meantime. 

Windham thanked the city for their trust and said it was an honor to be considered, noting Crockett has a great team and can get more done by working together. 

Windham has a long pedigree in both business and economic development, with strong roots in both East Texas and working with rural communities. She is president and CEO of the Texas Forest Country Partnership, having worked for the Lufkin Economic Development Corporation, Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation and Frisco Economic Development Corporation. She is an honorary life member of the Texas Economic Development Council and fellow of the Industrial Assets Management Council, as well as a member of the Texas Rural Practitioners Executive Board, Nacogdoches County Hero Foundation, and Texas Forest Trail Region Board. Additionally, she is a former appointee of the Podiatric Medical Examiners Advisory Board, Texas Economic Development Corporation Board, and the Stephen F. Austin State University Board of Regents. Windham attended Stephen F. Austin State University and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute. Her studies also include basic industrial development at Texas A&M University.

Contacted by The Messenger for comment, Windham noted she was worked with both Crockett and Houston County on many projects and knows the area, its needs and people, very well. 

“For seven years I have been working and supporting the efforts of economic development, whether it be the city, the county entities, and CEIDC, whenever they have needed some support, working with different agencies or working with the companies themselves,” Windham said. 

“As Project Coordinator, I am going to help keep the records for project activity up to date. Especially when you’re dealing with taxpayers’ dollars, you’ve got to be accountable for every penny and their rules and regulations. I’ll be assisting in making sure those reports are done and responding to project leads. I will be a coordinator for those projects from start to finish. And our objective is to make sure we are doing everything we can to showcase Crockett and  Houston County with potential businesses,” Windham explained. 

Windham said she was excited about the opportunity, saying Crockett and the surrounding areas have everything they need to be successful and attracted new businesses, as long as the fundamentals are done right. 

“Crockett has a wonderful opportunity and a lot of assets. I am going to be a project coordinator because these efforts have to be coordinated. And when you are dealing with taxpayers dollars – whoever is managing that spending – has to be taught what the rules and regulations are; what you can and cannot do and how you do it,” Windham said. “I think you’ve got a great group of people willing to come together to grow Crockett, and I don’t mean just grow in numbers, but also in quality.”

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