Ignore The Mysterious Y On Ballots

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – It came to The Messenger’s attention there is a typo on ballots for the Republican primaries in Houston County. A “Y” was added to the end of Republican State Representative Trent Ashby’s name in the race for District Nine. 

While the error was missed by many – including early voters – sources tell The Messenger it would not be feasible to make changes to the ballots after so many people have already cast their vote. 

Houston County Republican Party Charwoman Joni Clonts attended the candidate forum Thursday, Feb. 22 to explain the situation. 

“There was a typo on the ballot, which will not affect the ballots in any way. When you cast your vote, your vote will be counted correctly. It was just human error,” Clonts said. “It was an oversight and your vote for Mr. Ashby will count, if you choose to vote for him.”

Sources have confirmed to The Messenger the Texas Secretary of State’s office is aware of the situation and in spite of the error, all votes will be counted as voted. As of press time, there was no word from Houston County Elections Administrator Cynthia Lum if any signs mentioning the error would be allowed at polling places, but for those who do notice the error, rest assured, whichever way you decide to vote in that race, your vote is valid. 

Incumbent Trent Ashby himself spoke with The Messenger regarding the error, saying, “People make mistakes. That’s life. While it’s unfortunate the incorrect spelling of my name on the ballot in Houston County was not caught sooner, I appreciate the local Republican party’s efforts to notify voters of the error. I want people to have faith in our elections and know their vote for an incorrect spelling of my name will absolutely count towards a vote for Trent Ashby.”

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