Crockett Masonic Lodge Recognizes Outstanding Students

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – Lothrop Masonic Lodge in Crockett held a ceremony Tuesday, Dec. 5 to recognize outstanding students from area schools, awarding their Honesty and Integrity Award to high school students from Crockett, Latexo and Kennard. 

The masons work with the schools each year to identify students who exemplify themselves with good leadership qualities and excel at academics. The awards go to Juniors in high school, to a male and female student, within the Lodge’s area of service.

The ceremony began with a Mexican-inspired dinner, beautifully cooked by the related Eastern Star group. The students came to accept the award, along with their families and the counselors from each of the high schools. 

From Crockett ISD, students Victoria Medel and Jeremias Jimenez came with CISD Counselor Jennifer West. From Kennard ISD, students Nikolas Dowdy and Kaylin Parrish, with KISD Counselor Terry Wiley. From Latexo ISD, Kyria Noble and Mason Sherman were honored, along with LISD Counselor Leah Santa Maria. Sherman was unable to attend due to an illness in the family. 

After the dinner, Lodge members donned their traditional aprons and Masonic jewels, before Lothrop Worshipful Master Kelton Long explained masonry, the Honesty and Integrity Award and thanked the students for being an example for the community in leadership and good citizenship. 

Each school’s counselor works with the Lodge to propose students for the award, based on factors such as grades, dependability, participation, responsibility and interactions with other students and teachers. As each student received their award, proud parents looked on and took pictures with the kids, counselors and Masons. 

The origins of Freemasonry are not known in detail, but the first official lodge was established in 1717, whereas the first known writing about Masonry dates as far back as 1390. The first known Masonic meeting in Texas goes back to 1835. Freemasons have the goal of making good men into better men. 

Crockett ISD Student Victoria Medel
Latexo ISD Student Kyria Noble
Crockett ISD Student Jeremias Jimenez
Kennard ISD Student Kaylin Parrish
Kennard ISD Student Nikolas Dowdy

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