Lovelady Honors Seniors and Remains Undefeated

By Lawanna Monk

Special to The Messenger

LOVELADY –  The Lovelady Lions capped off a perfect season, undefeated and easily winning 2A-2 Region III, District 12 after their final game against Deweyville, Friday, Nov. 3. The Lions will start their playoff run Thursday, Nov. 9, playing as the away team at Monte Jack Stadium in Crockett against Carlisle with kickoff set for 7 p.m. Here is the play-by-play rundown of the last Lion game against Deweyville. 

Deweyville Pirates won the coin toss and chose to defer to the second half. The Pirate kick was fielded by Cortavies Whitaker at the 20. Whitaker was met mid-field by the Pirates, breaking tackles and he picked up many Lion blockers and made it to the 12-yard line. Dayvian Skinner charged in for the TD with 11:35 on the clock. QB Lance Pierce hit Clifton Davis with a pass for the extra two. Lovelady 8  – Deweyville 0.

Brady McCullough kicked off to the Pirates and also made the tackle at the Pirate 22. The Pirates made one first down to the 32. The Lion’s defense held strong and forced a punt on 4th and 5. The punt was returned 10 yards by Skylar Pipkin to the Lion 45.  The Lions turned the ball over on downs at the Lion 46. The Pirates made it to the 21 in three downs. Then, on to the 9 in another three downs. On 4th down,  Kye Terry came up with a big hit stopping the Pirates on the 4 and giving the Lions possession of the ball. Skinner moved the Lions to the Lion 43 in four carries.

In the second quarter, Skinner carried another four downs putting the Lions over into Pirate territory at the 45. Pierce was set for a three-yard loss. Pierce dropped back to pass, drawing the Pirate defense in and passed over the top to Skinner and he was in for the TD with 8:32 on the clock. The conversion failed. Lovelady 14  –  Deweyville 0.

McCullough’s kick was fielded at the five and returned to the Pirate 21, being tackled by Pipkin. Tyler Gilchrist and Travis Cook each made tackles stopping the Pirates for short gain on first and second downs. On third down, Davis intercepted a Pirate pass at the Lion 40 and returned to the Pirate 40. A Lion penalty put them back to mid-field. The Lion offensive line – Terrelle Easterling, Tyler Gilchrist, Eric Castillo, Silas Strength and Ben Monk went to work blocking for Skinner and Whitaker, putting holes in the Pirates’ defense. Skinner moved the Lions to the 39 in three downs and Whitaker had a good run advancing the Lions to near the goal line. The play was brought back to the Pirate 49. The ball was turned over on downs at the Pirate 42. Lions Cook, Terry and Alan Baskin each made tackles on the first three downs. On fourth down, the Pirate punt was blocked and recovered by Gilchrist on the Pirate 37. Pierce passed right to Pipkin for a six yard gain. Pierce again went to Pipkin to the left to the 24. Another pass to Pipkin and a Pirate penalty put the Lions on the 14. Pierce completed a pass to Terry for the TD with :53 on the clock. A pass to Davis in the end zone was good for two. Lovelady 22  –  Deweyville 0.

In the third quarter, McCullough’s kick was returned to the Lion 41 before being taken down by Cason Watson. The Pirates took four downs to make it into the end zone with 9:21 on the clock. The two points conversion was good. Lovelady 22  –  Deweyville 8.

An on-side kick by the Pirates and recovered by the Pirates at the 50 was successful. The Pirates drive took eight downs to get in to the end zone for the TD with 5:55 on the clock. The extra point was good for two. Lovelady 22  –  Deweyville 16.

Deweyville’s kick was fielded by Pipkin. A short return by Pipkin put the Lions on the 20 plus a Pirate penalty advanced the Lions to the 25. Pierce completed a pass to Terry, but a Lion penalty moved the Lions back to the 15. Skinner gained by yardage to the 23. A short pass to Pipkin gained three yards. Pierce ran out of bounds at the 33 and a late hit by the Pirates put the Lions on the Lion 48. Blackmon got in on the action and advanced the Lions over into Pirate territory at the 38. Blackmon carried twice, for a total of seven yards and a Pirate penalty furthered the Lions to the 26. A well-placed pass by Pierce to Pipkin under heavy coverage put the Lions on the one yard line.

In the fourth quarter, Skinner scored the final TD of the game with 11:55 on the clock. The two points failed. Lovelady 28  –  Deweyville 16.  

The Lion football team named their sweetheart before the game. Shyla LeMaire was presented a bouquet of roses by the Senior football players.

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