Crockett Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT –  The City of Crockett held its first celebration of Hispanic Heritage Saturday, Sept. 17 in the downtown park. 

Rain earlier in the day threatened to ruin even the best laid plans. As the rain faded, the 6 p.m. event was blessed with sunshine and cooler temperatures and residents came out to celebrate Hispanic Heritage. 

The bilingual presentation, led by Crockett City Mayor Dr. Ianthia Fisher, was translated simultaneously – with even an opening prayer in both English and Spanish. 

The park had likely never seen such a burst of energy – colors, smells, sounds – as green-white-red banners floated between trees and people moved about the park enjoying the festivities. 

The smell of the different food vendors met one all the way to the parking lots – Mexican delicacies like “al pastor” tacos – and other Latin dishes such as the traditional “papusas.” Other vendors offered handmade goods and other products and information. 

The date for the celebration was chosen since Sept. 16 is Mexico’s Independence Day and is a national holiday. 

As children ran and played games, the adults enjoyed the dancing and singing. Mayor Fisher promised this would not be the last time the event would grace downtown Crockett. 

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