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Opening Day of Crockett Merchants Youth Baseball

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – The sky overhead was overcast and gloomy early in the morning, but as the day progressed, the clouds gave way to sunshine as Opening Day ceremonies were held on the Crockett Merchants Youth Baseball diamonds, on Saturday, April 9.

A parade through downtown Crockett, replete with fire trucks and police cars, began the Saturday festivities as the various vehicles escorted all the Youth Baseball teams to Davy Crockett Park for the opening ceremonies. 

As the ceremonies got underway, emcee Ansel Bradshaw welcomed those in attendance and asked Pastor Leon Wallace to provide the invocation. Following the prayer, a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem rang out through the PA system.  

Once the last notes of the Star-Spangled Banner faded into skies over ballpark, Bradshaw asked for representatives of Davy Crockett Drug, the Crockett Fire Department, the Crockett Police Department and Lifeguard EMS to come to the pitcher’s mound for the ceremonial first pitch.

Players from the Cubs, Cardinals and Royals came out to the plate to catch the pitches while CMYB President Brad Bond took a moment to speak to those in attendance.

“Thank y’all for coming out this morning and I appreciate everyone who is here. First, I would like to introduce the representative from Davy Crockett Drug. They are receiving our Paul May Legacy Sponsor Award,” he said.

Next, Bond presented Paul May Legacy Contributor Awards to the Crockett Police Department, the Crockett Fire Department and Lifeguard EMS.

After the awards were presented, the three Contributor awardees delivered the first pitches of the season, and of course, they were right down the middle.

Following the formalities, the various teams displayed cakes that had been prepared for Opening Day and a cake auction was held to help raise money for the erstwhile youth baseball organization. Once all the winning bids were tallied and the add-ons were calculated, the CMYB organization raised well-over $20,000.  

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