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Computer Repair Certification Offered at Latexo HS


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LATEXO – Latexo High School has teamed up with Dell Technologies to implement a Dell Computer Repair Certification program. Latexo students who were interested in the inner workings of computers and technology took a six-week course through Dell Technologies, and are now Certified Dell Repair Technicians.

Upon completion of their certification, each student has joined the Latexo Tiger Tech Service Technicians team. This program allows these students to work with the technology department to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain the district’s student computers.

Latexo is a one-to-one district, with each student in the district (Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade) having their own computer or device. There are over 500 of them to maintain. LISD has a fully equipped computer repair lab where students can drop off their computers for repair and service by the Tiger Tech student repair technicians. These students stay busy completing jobs that vary from broken screens, bad batteries, and burned out motherboards, to repairing and replacing multiple parts.

The Latexo Certified Dell Technicians are: Emily Bird, Student Supervisor, and technicians Andrew Clinkscales, Cavanaugh Mullins, Olivia Smith, and Shelby Waldrep. Tessa Easley and Lena Kelsey are the supervising teachers.  Latexo High School is adding more students into this program for the next school year.  Any questions about the program, or if you would like your student to be considered for it, just contact Technology Director Lena Kelsey or CTE Director Chris Cravens.

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