FFA Picnic Tables Capture a Part of Grapeland ISD History

Special to The Messenger

The Grapeland FFA recently acquired some used lumber, but not just any lumber. The “old” gym at Grapeland High School is being remodeled and the bleachers from one side of the gym have been removed.

The Ag Dept. was asked if we could use the lumber and immediately said yes. After a little research, it is believed that this lumber has been in the gym for about sixty years. The Ag Dept. has taken the lumber, hand-picked through it, and built some picnic tables with it.

Mr. Kenny Lively’s construction class has built two tables so far and more are coming. We kept the maroon side of the boards just like they came from the bleachers, with the scratches, carved initials, etc., planed the bottom side to clean it up and expose the grain and then put polyurethane to seal the lumber and enhance the appearance.

We wanted to keep the top of the table and seats just like it came from the gym. We plan to sell raffle tickets on the table and, depending on how many tables can be built, maybe sell a few tables.

There are also some select pieces of lumber that are being made into knife handles for case trapper pocket knives. The blades will be printed with the Grapeland Sandie Mascot and the year the gym was built. The knives will be a few months coming.

Please feel free to contact any of the Agriculture teachers about the tables or knives. We’re excited to be able to make a little bit of GHS history available to the community.

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