Beware of Christmas Trash

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

EAST TEXAS – After all the presents have been opened and the Christmas feast has been served – perhaps after a nap – the clean-up begins. 

You might want to stop and think about what you are about to throw away, however, because a Grinch or two might be out and about looking for gifts for themselves.

While most people are spending their Christmas holiday celebrating with friends and family, crooks are looking for their next home to strike. It is worth the time to stop and think about what kind of message you could be sending to a potential burglar.

It’s anything in the trash bin that might draw attention. A big TV box, old appliances, gaming system boxes, furniture, etc. – anything you would set out by the trash that’s expensive or large that could attract someone’s interest.

The holiday season is the time of year where many burglars target homes, scoping out what Santa brought you this year right before they break in.

Officials are warning homeowners to think twice before throwing out their Christmas trash. Take it to a dump or burn your trash in a safe manner.

Remember, if you leave your Christmas trash outside for the world to see, you may well be tempting someone to see if they can pick up some after-Christmas bargains.

Will Johnson may be contacted via e-mail at [email protected].

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