Crockett Approves New Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual

City Declines to Pursue Litigation

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – The Crockett City Council met on Monday evening, Dec. 6 in a regularly scheduled meeting highlighted by the approval of a new personnel policy and procedure manual.

“It was a total of 205 pages,” City Administrator John Angerstein informed the council members. “This past year, we have been working on this and made it one of our primary goals. Our current policy – there is no better way to put it – it is a hodge-podge of copy and pastes over the years. It is just a very unusable document. It has come up over and over how there are conflicts where one area contradicts another.”

Angerstein said the new manual had been reviewed several times by City Attorney Bill Pemberton to make sure it was in compliance with state and federal laws.

“He feels good about it. We have reviewed it against the latest FSLA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and it is a clean document that is easy to read. If you have a question, it is all tabulated. It is just a good solid document,” the city administrator said.

Following several minutes of discussion, a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to adopt the new personnel policy and procedure manual, with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2022.    

Prior to the policy and procedure manual agenda item Crockett Mayor Dr. Ianthia Fisher opened the meeting and welcomed all those in attendance. This was followed by an invocation and Pledge of Allegiance. Dr. Fisher next opened the floor for a public forum.

Crockett resident John Jenkins was the only person to sign up for the public comments portion of the meeting and he addressed the council about concerns he had with the sale of the former state school property to a private investor.

At the conclusion of Jenkins’ remarks, the council retired into executive session. Approximately 30 minutes later, the meeting was reconvened in open session.

Once the council was settled, Mayor Pro Tem Mike Marsh made a motion “… that we do not pursue litigation on item one.”

The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. Dr. Fisher explained the litigation Marsh was referring to concerned the sale of the former state school property from the city to Crockett ISD.  

“From the city side, we had a clean bill of sale,” she said.      

In other matters brought before the council:

  • The minutes from the Nov. 1 meeting were approved
  • Crockett Police Chief Clayton Smith reported the police department received 509 calls for service during the month of October which resulted in 28 arrests. There were 179 traffic citations issued and 80 police reports filed.
  • The fire department report indicated there 44 total calls during the month of October. Of the 44 calls, it was reported 26 were in the city of Crockett while 18 were in the county. There was one structure fire in the city and two structure fires in the county.
  • A measure to approve authorizing the city administrator to raise the credit limit on the city’s Visa credit card from $5,000 to $10,000 was approved by the council.

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