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COVID-19 Bug Bites Latexo High School


LHS to use Synchronous Learning until Oct. 5

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter 

LATEXO – It was bound to happen. Some school, somewhere would be forced to close its doors because of COVID-19. It was only a matter of time and on Tuesday, Sept. 22, it was learned Latexo High School had been hit hard by the virus.

In a letter to LHS parents posted to the district’s website, Superintendent Michael Woodard reported the school had received five confirmed reports of COVID-19 among students as well as an additional six among teachers.

As a result, LHS has decided to close its doors for two weeks and switch to what is called synchronous learning. Synchronous learning is online – or distance – education that happens in real time, often with a set class schedule and required login times.  

The letter dated Sept. 22 states: “Dear Latexo High School Parents Latexo High School has had five confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last two days, as well as six affected teachers that must be quarantined for 2 weeks. Due to these circumstances, we will close the High School campus only beginning Wednesday, Sept. 23 until Monday Oct. 5, for deep cleaning and sanitation.

“All high school related activities are cancelled during this time and will resume Oct. 5. Teaching and learning at LHS will shift to synchronous learning during the campus closure. Students are required to engage with their teachers per their class schedule through email, Google Classroom and Google Meet daily and students are responsible for the completion of all assignments.

“Latexo Elementary School has not been affected and will continue school and operations as normal. Please check the district website and Facebook page for any and all updates. Thank you for your patience as we work through each situation presented to us.

“I hope you will know that we care deeply about our students and that we will continue to work hard to do what is best for them. Our students and families make our school community the caring place it is. We will get through this together!”  – LISD Superintendent Michael Woodard.

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