Wrong Way Driver Busted

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – It happens every now and then. Someone new to Crockett will go the wrong way around the Houston County Courthouse. Most of the time, the driver will be let off with a warning.

There are those times, however, when going the wrong way is more than just a metaphor and law enforcement has to get involved.

Such was the case on Monday, Jan. 20, when Houston County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Deputy Matthew Millican made a traffic stop after he observed a Dodge Charger going the wrong way around the courthouse square. 

After initiating the stop, the HCSO deputy made contact with the driver and vehicle occupants. They were identified as Cedric Noble III (driver), Kelvin Pickett and Delvin Williams – all from the Houston area.

“While speaking with Noble,” a HCSO press release stated, “Deputy Millican noticed a strong odor of marijuana.  After backup responded to the scene, the vehicle was searched and items were found in the vehicle commonly used in the commission of a crime. Some of the items included large chains, ski masks and gloves, along with handguns.  Deputies also located marijuana in the vehicle.”

The Dodge Charger displayed dealer tags and when the tags were run, the results indicated they belonged to a different vehicle and the vehicle was towed.

The three vehicle occupants were arrested, transported to the Houston County Jail and booked into custody on the following three charges: possession of marijuana; unlawful carrying of a weapon; and unlawful use of criminal instruments.

The total bond for each individual was set at $11,500. It was posted and the trio of suspected criminals were released pending further legal proceedings.

“This stop made by Deputy Millican has prevented possible major crimes in Houston County as well as surrounding counties,” Houston County Sheriff Darrell Bobbitt stated.

He added, “Further investigation has revealed that these suspects could be involved in a much larger criminal conspiracy involving other actors, other cities and possibly other states.”

The sheriff indicated multiple agencies from the county, state and federal levels were working on other potential criminal episodes possibly related to the suspects in the local arrest.

“Many thanks go out to the alert deputy and his quick thinking and decisive actions that may help solve many crimes in other areas and very possibly prevented crimes in our county,” Bobbitt said.

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