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2018 Fiddlers’ Festival


Results and Prize Winners

By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – While last year Mother Nature did her part in providing sunny skies, this year the weather took a turn for the worse and forced the 82nd Annual World Championship Fiddlers’ Festival into the dry confines of the Porth AG Arena.

The Fiddlers Festival was held on Saturday, Sept. 22 and the event attracted over 75 fiddlers and accompanists from as far away as California and Idaho. In addition, included amongst the musicians were several former World Champion fiddlers!

The participants ranged in age from over 60 all the way down to six years of age and were divided into four divisions. The divisions were: the Senior Division, for contestants 60 years of age and above; the Youth Division for fiddlers up to the age of 18; the World Championship Division; and the Accompanist Division.

In the Senior Division, Robin Houghton took home the first place trophy along with $300. Second place and a check for $250 went to Brad Riley. Third place was awarded to Tom Fonville along with a check for $200. Fourth place went to John Blevins along with $150 and Davis Looper took home fifth place honors along with $100.

The Youth Division saw competitors take the stage during the late morning / early afternoon. The competitors were:

  • 1st Place/$300 – Leah Sawyer, Age 17, Weatherford, TX
  • 2nd Place/$250 – Leah Bowen
  • 3rd Place/$200 – David Sawyer, Age 15, Weatherford, TX
  • 4th Place/$150 – Nathan Pedneault
  • 5th Place/$100 – Linda Masters, Age 12, Huntsville, TX
  • 6th Place/$75 – Eva Masters

In the Accompanist Division, there were five possible places. They were:

1st Place/$300 – Ray Franklin

2nd Place/$250 – Hyatt Hopkins

3rd Place/$200 – Anthony Mature

4th Place/$150 – Steve Williams

5th Place/$100 – Ronnie McKee

The World Championship Division (Open) saw 13 competitors take the stage. At the end of the competition 15-year-old Ridge Roberts took home top honors and was also the youngets fiddle player to ever win the World Championship Fiddlers Festival.

The competitors and their places were as follows:

  • 1st Place/$1,000 – Ridge Roberts, Age 15, Granbury, TX
  • 2nd Place/$900 – Wes Westmoreland, Temple, TX
  • 3rd Place/$800 – Carl Hopkins, Porter, TX
  • 4th Place/$700 – MacKenzie Johnston
  • 5th Place/$600 – Devon McCauley
  • 6th Place/$500 – Jason Andrew
  • 7th Place/$400 – Marty Elmore
  • 8th Place/$300 – Shira Ellisman
  • 9th Place/$200 – Scott Sumner
  • 10th Place/$150 – Kerri Beckman

11th – 13th places received participation recognition and $100 each. The competitors were:

  • 11th Place / $100 – Alfred Mowledous III
  • 12th Place / $100 – Eddie Davis, Cuero, TX
  • 13th Place / $100 – David Sawyer

Will Johnson may be contacted via e-mail at wjohnson@messenger-news.com.