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Weekly Bible Commentary 8-5


Weekly Bible Commentary by Wes Woodard

Matthew 5-7 “The Sermon on the Mount”

When Jesus heard John, the Baptizer, had been put in prison, He began to preach. His big idea in this sermon was that the Jewish people were sinners!  He taught that thought of murdering someone was just as sinful as the act.  The thought of committing adultery was just as bad as the act.  On top of this, He said that their righteousness must exceed that of their pious (on the outside) religious leaders. Wow! They had never heard such words.  All of this was designed for them to see how sinful hey were so that they would seek a Savior.  I accepted Christ when I was 11 years old. I had no problem acknowledging my sinfulness. My mother’s switching my brother and me multiple times and quoting Jeremiah 17:9 to us made this very clear to me. It has been said that one must realize he or she needs a Savior before they will seek one.  This was sure true of me. Praise God for a mother who saw my true spiritual condition and knew the only remedy. Amen.

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