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Wooten to Step Down as Burke Center Representative


ESD One Receives Positive Audit

By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – During a meeting of the Houston County Commissioners Court, Willia Wooten announced her intention to step down as the county’s representative to the Burke Center.

The Burke Center serves a twelve county region, providing mental health and developmental disability services to over 10,000 people each year. Counties served by Burke include Angelina, Houston, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity and Tyler, according to the center’s website.

“The last time I came to talk to you, I told you about the Burke Center. One of the things I emphasized was that every two years we have to be reassigned. This August is my reassignment month. I have talked to the Burke Center and they were kind of disappointed when I told them I did not wish to be reassigned,” Wooten said.

After saying health matters played a part in her decision she added she had been the Burke Center representative since Houston County Judge John Musgrove asked her to serve.

“I know that’s been a long time. It’s time for me to move on,” Wooten continued. “It’s time to get fresh ideas and someone who can meet some of the challenges we have.”

She said the least she could do was make a recommendation and suggested Lois Ball to take her place. A motion was put forward, seconded and unanimously approved to select Ball as the county’s Burke Center representative when Wooten steps down later this year.

The final item of business brought before the court was audit of Emergency Services District One. The audit was performed by Houston County Auditor Melissa Mosley. The scope of the audit included: operating effectiveness and efficiency; reliability of financial reporting; safeguarding of assets; and compliance of applicable laws and regulations.

The audit examined financial statements, deposit records, meeting minutes and several other areas deemed important.

Ina letter to the court, Mosley stated, “In my professional Judgement as the Houston County Auditor, sufficient and appropriate audit procedures have been conducted and evidence gathered to support the accuracy of the conclusions reached and contained in this report.”

Each of the factors examined in the scope of the audit were rated as effective and it was noted they were well controlled.

“Internal controls evaluated are adequate, appropriate, and effective to provide reasonable assurance that risks are being managed and objectives are met,” Mosley’s letter stated.

In other matters brought before the court:

  • The commissioners approved the minutes from previous meetings.
  • Budget amendments were approved.
  • The payment of bills and expenses incurred by the county were approved.
  • The Houston County Treasurer’s report and Compensatory report were received as information by the commissioners.
  • The salaries of new and/or transfer employees were approved.
  • The court approved a recommendation from the Human Resource Committee for the 2018-2019 Alternate Plan Proposal for the Blue Cross /Blue Shield Employee Health Plan.
  • The payment of compensatory, vacation, and holiday time for previous Houston County employees was approved.

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