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By Wes Woodard

Matthew 2 – “The Visit of the Wisemen”

The Wisemen came from the East.  They had seen a Star that signaled to them the birth of Israel’s King.   They journeyed to get to Jerusalem to worship the King bearing gifts.  As they searched for the King they were brought into the presence of King Herod and explained to him the purpose of their journey.  He did not know of the King. He told the Wisemen to come and tell him when they found the Child so he could also worship Him.  The Wisemen saw the Star again when they left the Palace and it led them to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.  They rejoiced, worshipped Him and gave Him their gifts.  When they were ready to leave, God the Father warned them  not to return to King Herod as they returned to their native land.  God spoke to Joseph to take the gifts along with Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt.

Already the stage had been set for the Jewish peoples’ rejection of their Messiah.  How do I know that? Because this passage states that everyone in Jerusalem was “troubled” when they heard about these Wisemen from the East searching for Israel’s Messiah!  Why were they troubled? Simple, they did not want Him.  Spiritual darkness hates spiritual light.

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