THE WEEKENDER by Clyde Black: Marine Corps League Gun Show

“Marine Corps League Gun Show”

I have some exciting and fun news for Houston County.  I know you guys like it better when I’m ripping up politicians but sometimes they are just to easy and boring to go after.  Didn’t we vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act?  Not replace it but REPEAL it!  But wait, I’m not going there today.  Please note that a major gun show is coming to Houston County!  The Marines landed in Houston County last year when local Marine veterans started a chapter of the Marine Corps League.  They began looking for a way to raise money to help former Marines and Navy Corpsmen in need.  They are looking to help families who have lost their children while in service to our country or Marines in need.

 Grapeland’s own, Roger Erwin, with inspiration from his wife C.J., led the formation of Houston County Marine Corps League #1433.  This past year has been spent getting members, a national charter, electing officers and searching for a fund raiser.  After all, it does take some money to help folks in need.  Somebody forgot to tell this small group of Marines that a gun show was too big to tackle as a brand new group.  But they’ve done it!  Mark your calendars!  On August 26 and 27 a major gun show will be held at the Crockett Civic Center from 9:00am until 5:00pm.  Over 30 vendors have already signed up and more are considering. 

 Guess what?  You can be a part of this!  We sure could use some help.  Volunteers.  We need folks to collect attendance tickets, concession stand duty, etc., etc.  This event could become a major draw for Houston County.  It’s being held after school has started and right before hunting season. 

If you are a vendor in the hunting or gun industry you can reach me for more information.  Local Crockett business and civic leader, Mike Maiden, is a Marine and member of the chapter who is very involved in this endeavor.  Please feel free to call Mike for more info. 

Again, if you would like to help or become a vendor please call me or Mike.  Vendors please remember that some shows have waiting lists for openings and original participants get first preference for spaces.  Become one of the first to join the Marines and make this event a success.  Semper Fi!

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