Home Columnist THE WEEKENDER: Be a Sheep Dog



By Clyde Black

Last week we started a several week series on school shootings.  I promised it might get controversial and perhaps for the first time in 20 years The Weekender was being totally serious and it will probably be the last time.  I mentioned that all criminal justice instruction speaks to the main 3 entities of the system.  Traditionally the courts, enforcement and punishment and legislation.  I told you that society itself is the 4th estate of the system.  Breaking that down you have the 5th and 6th estates.  Those being the compliant part of society and the non-compliant part of society.  This week we are discussing, with such limited space, the 4th estate.  Society.

Anybody want to debate whether or not family values have deteriorated?  You may not know that there are a great number of families who can’t even get their kids out of bed to go to school.  No discipline and no responsibility because there are no consequences to deviant behavior.

Kids are born to kids often for SSI and other welfare benefits.  Parents need to be held responsible for their child’s behavior.  If you can’t get your child to school how can you keep them out of your booze, drugs and firearms?  In our little rural community we have grandparents still bailing their 50 years old children out of drug and violence charges.  These deviant children indeed do grow up to be the wolves (non-compliant) of our society and they prey upon the sheep (compliant members) of our society.  Have you noticed that these shootings happen at schools and churches?  These two places are where the sheep gather.  You should know that we need more sheep dogs!  They must come from the compliant, 5th estate, of society.

 Political correctness has become the bane of our lives.  Minorities instead of the majority rule.  Compliant society has let our Christian values be attacked.  Tear down the posted Christian statues and nativity scenes is the cry by a few non compliants and sure enough the sheep quietly give in.  Don’t offend.  Take down the 10 Commandments from our courthouses is the demand.  OK.  We give in again. The silent majority must quit giving in and start fighting back.  Parents must get involved with the schools and instead of just sending kids to school they need to go there and participate.  You are still responsible for your kids whether they are in school or not.

 These are urgent times.  We don’t have a lot of time so where do we get our much needed sheep dogs?  Our local civic clubs and churches provide great resources.  A volunteer force helps ease the financial aspect of protection and yes finances are a real consideration.  Think of this idea.  Catholic churches patrol the school on Monday, Baptists on Tuesday.  The Lions Club on Wednesday.  Rotarians on Thursday, Methodists on Friday.  I don’t want to leave anybody out but you get the idea.

I hate to say it but it’s true that we are becoming a nation of wimps.  Quit being afraid to speak out and report to the local police when you see suspicious stuff.  Our neighborhoods are overrun with drug traffickers and criminals and everybody living there knows who they are but lack the courage to speak up or are part of the non-compliant part of society and simply want to pick and choose which laws to observe.  Next week we get very specific about our schools and the issues and responsibilities they have.  I will explain their failures.  Without God’s help we are nothing and doomed.