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CRCIL to host Heart Month Presentation


By Sarah Naron

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – In an effort to help raise awareness of the importance of heart health during American Heart Month, the Crockett Resource Center for Independent Living (CRCIL) will be hosting a presentation by Dr. Venkata R. Kovvali, M.D., of the Heart Institute of East Texas.

“He’s going to do a presentation over heart health,” explained CRCIL Outreach and Program Coordinator Cathy Newsome. “It’s from 12-1, and it’s for anybody that would like to attend.”

The event is set for Tuesday, Feb. 6 at the CRCIL, which is located at 1020 E. Loop 304 in Crockett. For more information, call (936)-544-2811.

President Donald J. Trump carried on the 54-year-old tradition of declaring February American Heart Month in a statement issued Thursday, Feb. 1 from the White House.

“In addition to remembering our lost loved ones, American Heart Month is a time to raise awareness about the risk factors, warning signs and symptoms associated with this killer disease,” stated President Trump. “This February, we renew our commitment to the battle against cardiovascular disease.”

President Trump went on to laud the medical professionals and researchers “who strive to advance both the treatment and prevention of this epidemic.”

Statistics provided by the American Heart Association (AHA) show that an estimated 2,300 Americans die each day of cardiovascular disease – which includes stroke – amounting to approximately one death every 38 seconds.

Globally, heart disease is responsible for more than 17.9 deaths per year. The AHA expects to see this number surpass 23.6 million by 2030.

Of the warning signs associated with a heart attack, the most prominent is discomfort located in the center of the chest which persists for more than a few minutes or that goes away and comes back. The sensation may present as an uncomfortable feeling of fullness, pain, pressure or squeezing.

Pain or discomfort during a heart attack may also be experienced in other areas of the body, such as the arms, back, jaw, neck, or stomach. A person suffering a heart attack may also be short of breath, lightheaded and nauseous and may break out in a cold sweat.

The hallmark signs of a stroke include facial numbness, which may cause one side of the face the droop noticeably when the victim smiles. Arm numbness and weakness also typically occur, along with speech disturbances such as slurred speech or the inability to speak.

If a person shows any signs of having a stroke, even if the symptoms resolve within a short period of time, 911 should be called or the victim transported to the hospital immediately.

For more information, visit www.heart.org.

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