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THE WEEKENDER by Clyde Black: Harvey


I have always been a proud Texan and I’m sure that over the years some of my friends have grown tired of hearing me talk of the greatness of our state.  I have never been more proud to be a Texan than I am today!  A great big hurricane named Harvey came to call and has and is still slamming our state with everything it can muster.  Texans are standing tall! 

All along our coast people are getting slammed and suffering but not surrendering to the onslaught.  Texans are responding by getting up and taking a step to make things better.  Volunteers are responding from all over to help those in need.  A whole navy of Texas flatbottom and other fishing boats are lining up from all over the state to save stranded Texans. 

 I don’t have enough space in this column to list all the kindness that has been shown by both victims and first responders and volunteers.  I am just so very proud and give great thanks to those other states that have sent volunteers to help.  A lady, who happens to be black, came by my office today.  She said, “Can you believe it took Hurricane Harvey to bring us back together again ?” 

Now think about that for a minute.  She recognizes that recently we have had some problems as a society but now observes all those things put aside and people of all color and creed working together for good. 

Do you suppose maybe the Lord had a hand in this?  Do you think it’s possible that He thought perhaps we were getting all concerned over the wrong thing and had forgotten our blessings?  Do you think perhaps He decided to bring us back to reality and make us work together? 

 There are a great number of Texans suffering tonight including victims and those providing help.  I’m inspired by you and your service to each other.  Thank you, Lord, for giving all the blessings you provide and the goodness you have placed in the heart of man.  Perhaps this event gives us all a chance to be reminded of that goodness.  Thanks, Lord, for all you have given and provided.