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THE STRONG WOMAN by Claire Cooper Black: Cupcakes and Snowflakes


The Strong Woman

By Claire Cooper Black

On the day I am writing this column SMU made national news, but not in positive way –  in my opinion.  There is a club on the SMU Campus called the Young Americans for Freedom.  For the past two years this group has posted 3,000 small AMERICAN flags on the Dallas Hall Lawn at SMU in remembrance of 9/11/01.  That is until this year.  Below is the statement issued by SMU:

 “While the University respects the rights of students to free speech, the University respects the right of members of the community to avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing.”

 “Triggering.”  This is a word that has become a favorite in the vernacular of the “Cupcake and Snowflake” coalition.  Progressives (actually an oxymoron).

 Let me tell you what triggers most of us!  Seeing people jump from as high up as the 97th floor of the World Trade Center as it burned.  I didn’t care what color they were, where they were born or what was their first language.  

As it turns out, almost all nationalities and races were represented by those unfortunate souls who just went to work that day.  They just went to work.  They just went to work.

 If you are offended by the solemn remembrance of 3,000 souls by 3,000 American Flags on an American Campus in the Heart of America, then seek psychiatric help immediately.  And pay for it yourself!  SMU will allow the display to be moved to a less prominent area of the campus.  How magnanimous of them. 

 Texan Chad Prather discusses his thoughts about this SMU snafu in a YouTube video titled “Forget 9/11, The Students Are Triggered”.  https://youtu.be/ZnSU-Mn7UFs.  He’s much more succinct and eloquent than I am.


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