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THE WEEKENDER by Claire Cooper Black: You Can Keep the East and West Coast Elites


“You can keep the East and West Coast Elites”

By Claire Cooper Black


We, and I mean by “We”, the Hubster a/k/a The Weekender and I are going to have to start making more lists.

We have reached that stage whether we either have too much going on or we are getting older and forgetting things.  Like today.  I get an email from our dear Editor, Kay Boothe asking where The Weekender Column is for this weekend.  OOOOPS!

Since the Weekender is at work, I say that I will get a column off to her immediately.  Then the fun starts.  My computer locks up.  I’m guessing from a recent Windows 10 update.  Or the NSA or CIA or some alphabet soup government agency is checking in on my computer.  No, I’m not paranoid.  We really aren’t that interesting here at the 4-C Ranch.  And I’m pretty sure we would bore the heck out of some clandestine government agency.

We are just middle America.  Evidently in D.C. we don’t count for much.  We just supply the majority of the food for the nation. The majority of the oil and gas for the nation.  But what the heck.  If you ain’t East or West Coast, you don’t exist.

So, since we don’t exist, can we please be excused from the federal taxes and regulations?  We promise, you won’t miss us!  We can keep in touch from time to time.  But really our relationship is rocky at best.  We have those too … The Rockies.  Bad pun.

Oh, by the way.  Like in most split ups, we are keeping the food, oil and gas.  You can keep the East and West Coast Elites.

Keep in touch.  But not too often.