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Crockett City Council Strives Towards a Unified Community

A unified Crockett was the focal point of the Crockett City Council meeting at Crockett City Hall on Monday, June 5. 

By Cody Thompson

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – The unification and future of Crockett were at the forefront of the Crockett City Council meeting at Crockett City Hall on Monday, June 5.

After the opening prayer and pledge of allegiance, Crockett Mayor Joni Clonts welcomed those in attendance with her message of a unified city.

“First I would like to say something. I know that something that we all need to do for our city is to work together and come together as a unified city,” Clonts said. “All of us care about Crockett and, because of that, we need to work together. Instead of people trying to bash things that are going on in the city, we need to work together to find solutions.”

Clonts also stated that she has been working to try to build relationships with businesses and individuals within the city to build a sense of unity.

“I’ve been really stretching my hand out to the community so that we can find those solutions together,” Clonts said. “We all need to work together towards one goal: a better Crockett.”

Clonts then opened the floor up to any audience or council members that wished to speak and Clonts’ opposition in the mayoral election, Billy “Hollywood” Groves, stepped up to the podium.

Groves began by congratulating Clonts on her victory and expressing his interest in staying involved in the community.

“First of all I would like to congratulate (Clonts) on a strong mayoral campaign, she won and I can accept that,” Groves said. “But I’m still an activist, I’m still a part of Crockett and, as an activist, my focus will remain on helping to build the infrastructure of Crockett.”

Groves also commented on Clonts’ previous statement about the unification of Crockett.

“I like what you (Clonts) said about bringing us (Crockett) together, because we are one: the African-American community, the white community, the Hispanic community and Muslims,” Groves said. “We’ve got to come as one because divided we will fall.”

Groves concluded by extending an offer to work with the city council to help build a better city.

“I’m looking forward to working our new administration,” Groves said. “This is not a paid position, so we need to commend these people (mayor and council members), because they do what they do because they want to see a better Crockett, and I will continue to do what I can to benefit the city from the position that I’m in.” 

After the comments from the audience section, the council tabled the appointment of an ex-officio director to the Crockett Economic and Industrial Development Corporation Board. The appointment would put the council members on a rotation where each one would be the ex-officio director at different times.

“I feel the issue should be tabled since councilman (Mike) Marsh and councilwoman (Muriel) Williams could not be in attendance to discuss the matter,” councilman Ernest Jackson said. “I think we should table it until they can be here to voice their opinions.”

The council voted to approve the authorization of Stesti Brewing Company, of Lovelady, to sell alcoholic beverages in conjunction with the Davy Crockett Classic Bike Race on July 8-9.

The council were then given the Crockett Fire Department’s monthly activity and status report, as well as the Crockett Police Department’s manpower and criminal incident report for the month of May. 

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