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EVER WONDER by Jacque Scott: Gemstones



Ever wonder about the gemstones used in jewelry?  Probably not, but anyone who knows me, knows that I must have a gypsy gene somewhere in my makeup because I love jewelry.  I wear lots of bracelets.  Drives Scotty wild.  I decided to find out a little about the different stones and their meanings.

Throughout the ages, gemstones have been collectibles.  They have been said to carry life energy as well as being beautiful and luxurious.  They are supposed to attract luck, love, wealth, stability, health, etc. and can be kept close to one’s body in jewelry or in one’s pocket.

The first gemstones used for ornamental purposes were probably pretty river stones.  Maybe they were round or spotted or of unusual colors.  In any case, one was probably found before the hunter made his big kill, and it was thought to be the object that brought good luck.

I have an abbreviated list of gemstones and their meanings.  Remember that each gem is special to the person, and just because one stone brings you protection, etc., it doesn’t mean that it will for the next person.  Everybody reacts differently to each stone.  If you are selecting a stone for a particular purpose, try it out before you use it.

• Aventurine – used to attract good luck

• Agates – used for protection from emotional pain, protection for travel, bodily                      protection, and protection from accidents

• Amber – used to attract wealth, used as an all around gem and a protector of children

• Amethyst – Used to reflect negativity and strengthen intuition.  Also good for those who get headaches often

• Aquamarine – used to increase psychic powers

• Bloodstone – used to remove mental and physical blocks

• Carnelian – used to stimulate career growth

• Citrine – used for opening the mind to new thoughts

• Flint – used for psychic protection

• Garnet – used to promote devotion, inspiring love, positive thoughts, and inspiration

• Hematite – Used to enhance focus, concentration and will power

• Jade – used for calmness and serenity, brings prosperity and allows you to hold on to your money

• Jasper – used for relaxation, contentment, compassion and nurturing

• Lapis – used for friendship and is associated with truthfulness

• Moonstone – used to bring uplifting energies

• Mother of pearl – used for sincerity and loyalty to causes

• Onyx – used for steadfastness and determination, often used by people who are ‘letting go’ of past attachments

• Opal – used for love, passion, and spontaneity, a very emotionally responsive stone

• Pearl – used for sincerity, truth and loyalty, increases sense of self worth

• Peridot – used for good luck, peace, and success.

• Rose quartz – used as the love stone, opening your heart and encouraging you
to be tender, peaceful and gentle.
  • Smoky quartz – used as nature’s stone of endurance, fostering serenity, calmness,
and positive thoughts.
• Snowflake obsidian – used for purity and helps one to recognize
unnecessary patterns in one’s life and make changes

  Tourmaline – used to strengthen the body and spirit.
  • Turquoise – used to attract money, success and love.  The stone of friendship

As you can see, I did not include any precious stones such as Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire or Tanzanite in my list.  My list only included some of the better-known semi-precious stones or gemstones.

But, I have the hardest time figuring out just what stone to wear and which particular purpose I am wearing it for.  More than likely I will just keep on wearing those pieces of jewelry that appeal to me with out giving it much thought.

So, there you have it… A bit about gemstones…  God bless you.