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THE WEEKENDER by Clyde Black: Have Some Fun, Doc


“Have Some Fun Doc”

I confess to being ignorant of the whole social media thing.  I haven’t called Dr. Frank Smith to verify but I hear through the social media that he is announcing his retirement.  I wish it were not so.  He has cared for me since I moved here and has provided lifesaving advice for the Strong Woman.  He was the first to discover and diagnose a life threatening illness she faces.  Only God knows how many of us he has saved over the years.  Dr. Smith, I don’t think a simple thank you is enough.  It’s all I have though.  You are a good man and have demonstrated your faith to your work without fail over the years.  I am going to miss you and I hope that in your retirement you can find the time to share a lunch, some time or perhaps a bourbon with me.  Thanks again for your service to all of us.  Have some fun, Doc.

 I certainly am not intelligent enough to speak for Doc. Smith but I’ll bet it breaks his heart to see all the health care issues facing Americans today.

Locally, we’ve lost our hospital and nationally the feds have screwed themselves all up regarding insurance and national health care.  When did republicans ever support big government, as in national health care?  I have always believed that I was a republican and ran for office on that ticket. I now wonder.  The democrats have won the battle without firing a shot!  They have brainwashed our republican representatives to believing we must have national health care!  I still believe we need to keep the government out of health care.  Out of education!  Out of religion!  Out of the oil business!  Out of our water rights and forestry business!  Why are we funding colleges and universities that preach and teach socialism?  The Constitution I read provides no right to a free education, forever welfare, marriage is not mentioned, and there is no reference to free or government subsidized health care. 

Today’s Republican Party is basically a conservative Democratic Party from the 1960’s.  I was country when country wasn’t cool, I was a Vietnam Vet when it wasn’t cool and I’m a conservative today when it’s not cool.  When 50 percent or less of the tax base is not paying taxes no society will exist on the burden of those who pay.  Lord, please help us and bless Houston County!


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