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HORACE MCQUEEN: A Good Woman, A Good Dog – and a Good Life!


A good woman speaks volumes about who we are — and strive to be. And a good dog makes the journey even better. Will Rogers, the Oklahoma poet and all around observer of the world he lived in, said it best. Rogers said, “If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.”  The trust and faith our dogs show us is all encompassing and soothing to weary bodies and minds.

Just wish we could put the same faith and trust in those who merchandise the food we eat. Mike Callicrate, cattlemen and feedlot operator in Kansas, recently make a trip with another cattle producer and was in Birmingham, Alabama. They used their “smart phone” to locate a barbecue restaurant that advertised real local food. They asked the waiter where the pork came from. His answer was that it was raised by a local farmer just north of town. Callicrate asked for the name of the pork raiser—and finally was told all their pork came from Smithfield Farms. Smithfield is the largest pork producer in the world—and is Chinese owned.

My wife and I were in Brenham, Texas not long ago and stopped by a local seafood restaurant that was recommended by the natives. Fried and baked catfish was on the menu — with a tag line of “product of the U.S.”

When the waitress asked for her order, I questioned her as to where the “catfish” came from. She called the owner to our table and he was happy to head to the freezer and show us a box the “catfish” came in. Unfortunately, the box was labeled “product of Vietnam”.

No reflection on the restaurant owner — he didn’t know his geography and certainly didn’t know catfish!

Coming up to Christmas it seems appropriate to provide a little information about our conduct as we visit with friends and family. As “Grandma” put it, keep your electronics at home or in the car. She advocated actually visiting with each other, not spending time checking the latest on their “idiot” phones. Thanks Grandma!

And finally, more and more young men in their late teens and twenties have been arrested for supporting the Islamic terrorists and planning destruction on American soil. Most of them get a radical lawyer and get off with a slap on the wrist.

For those who spew hate and are willing to use guns and bombs to achieve their goals here is a suggestion. Load them on a military airplane destined for Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or other country that it not a friend of ours.

As the plane enters the foreign nation airspace, strap a parachute on the terrorist and boot him out of the plane. Mission accomplished!

Merry Christmas!