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Latexo School Board Discusses Changes for Upcoming Year


By Cody Thompson

Messenger Reporter

LATEXO – The Latexo ISD board of trustees held a meeting to discuss a variety of actions for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12.

The three most prevalent topics discussed were the potential for LISD to become a district of innovation, amendments to the elementary, high school and teacher dress codes and the resignation of two LISD teachers.

After the opening prayer and pledges, a presentation was given by LISD superintendent Dr. Stacy Easterly detailing the positive effects of LISD becoming a district of innovation and proposed the formation of a district of innovation committee.

When a Texas public school district becomes a district of innovation, they are granted many of the same flexibilities of an open-enrollment Texas charter school, according to the Texas Association of School Boards.

These flexibilities include, but are not limited to, the district being able to choose its own start date for the school year, class-size ratios and teacher appraisal requirements.

“There are some really good (benefits), one in particular that we are definitely interested in as a district, and that is the flexibility of the calendar,” Easterly told the board on Wednesday. “It gives us the ability to start a week early, it gives us some flex days to have for the teachers to be able to put some of those days in for tutorials throughout the school year and it evens out our semesters.”   

The motion to appoint a district of innovation committee was approved unanimously.

The committee will consist of Easterly, Latexo Elementary principal Sandy Simpson, Latexo High School principal Kris Whisenat, Cheryl Cravens, Ashley Crabtree, Randy Redky, Patrick Griffin and Corin Sulewski.

The board of trustees also discussed the addition of two new regulations for the elementary and high school dress codes.

The changes made to the elementary dress code state that no male students are allowed to wear sleeveless shirts and sleeveless shirts for female students must cover the entire top of the shoulder and be fitted under the arm.

The changes to the high school dress code stated that extremely tight pants, such as leggings or jeggings, are not to be worn by students unless worn with a top or dress that extends to the length of the student’s fingertips.

After a brief discussion, the amendments to the dress code were approved unanimously.

The board of trustees also unanimously approved an amendment to the district’s dress code for teachers, allowing them to wear jeans during the school week.

“The main thing for me is that we are able to tell the difference between a teacher and a student,” Easterly said. “I believe our teachers are professional enough to wear blue-jeans and still be professional.”

The board of trustees went into an executive meeting to discuss any potential new hires to the district, as well as the resignation of two high school teachers.

After returning from the executive meeting, the board approved, unanimously, to accept the resignations of high school teachers Rhonda Price and Fletcher Larkin.

The LISD board of trustees regularly meet at 6 p.m. on the third Monday of every month.

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