Growing Up Grapeland

Time changes all things, and recognition of certain places is one of those oft changed facets. Growth, development, destruction and reconstruction in decades past sometimes combine to fade once favorite memories into history.
In this special edition developed in honor of Grapeland’s longstanding Peanut Festival, the Messenger is pleased to take readers on a trip backwards in time – the past will come alive for residents in the Queen of the Sand Flats.
From chasing the railroad to chasing possums, tales from older residents and younger ones, researched articles from the Messenger of the 1900s, this issue will inform and delight the reader.
The Peanut Festival has been around almost as long as the city and the two are inextricably bound together.
You are invited to join The Messenger in this trip through the birth and growth of Grapeland.
Like any good story, this one begins with a mystery. The location pictured to the right cannot be pinpointed, though many have tried.
A handful of long-time Grapeland residents have examined this old photo carefully but cannot agree on the present site of the residences shown.
If you have any information on the location, contact the Messenger News and help add more certainty to the past of Grapeland.

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