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The Weekender – “Don’t Shoot Across A Fence Line”



I think deer hunting season has begun! Or at least what’s called bow season has begun. This time of the year is always exciting in Houston County. The weather is starting to give us a little break from the summer heat, football season is going strong, deer hunting season is getting started to be followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is an exciting and fun time of the year. Locals are involved in everything and still getting hay in from the fields and weekend hunters are visiting the county either hunting or getting ready to hunt.

I’d like to take the opportunity to provide a few tips and reminders. First of all please be legal. Get the necessary licenses and permits. Game hunting violations are expensive and can result in ruined trips. Many people hunt for the meat but fines for violations can raise the price of venison to $300 or $400 per pound or more! I sure admire those Moms and Dads who take their children hunting but I plead with you to be firm about gun safety. We all tend to think we are invincible but improper handling of firearms can have tragic results. Slow down, enjoy the time together and be careful.

Remember that it’s against the law to hunt from a roadway or shoot across a fence line into someone else’s property and if you do you will probably make an enemy. Do not trespass by going unto someone else’s property without permission. Depending on your source of information, Houston County is the biggest cattle producing county in the state. That’s correct. We prize our herds and don’t take kindly to them being threatened. A word of caution about ATV’s. Every year as part of my job I get called out to a death as a result of an ATV accident. It’s always a tragic end to what is supposed to be a special weekend. Remember that being on a weekend fun trip is not a reason to give leave of one’s senses! Finally, have a great hunting season and welcome to Houston County!