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Weekly Bible Commentary 3-18


Genesis 30 – “Jacob is Blessed With Sons”

By Wes Woodard

It should be remembered that Jacob came to Haran looking for only one wife.  However, he ends up with two! Plus, according to the culture of that region, Jacob also gets two maid servants! From these he had 12 sons. Number 12 is “Benjamin” from Rachel (in her dying moments) in chapter 35.  Thus, we see the twelve tribes of Israel (Israel being the new name God gave Jacob).

I would like to close with one final tribute to Dr. Billy Graham.  During our 11 years of ministry with American Indians I worked in the 10-day Crusade at the newly constructed “Texas Stadium” (before the first game was played by the Cowboys in this stadium). One night after the invitation had been given and after those who came forward had been assigned to a counselor, a young couple brought their son and told me that he wanted to put his faith in Christ. They thought he was too young so had hesitated. However, he kept asking them, so they asked me to talk to him.  He trusted Christ that night. The parents asked me about a good church and I was able to give some in their area.  Several years later I was visiting a church and the young couple remembered me and came up to tell me they were attending this church regularly now and thanked me for helping their son come to Christ.  A nice surprise!  My daughter told me that Billy Graham preached the Gospel to more than 200 million people during his ministry career.  Amen. Praise the Lord!

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