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Early Morning Bust Nets Illegal Narcotics, Arrest


Anderson County Clearing the Streets
By Teresa Holloway
Messenger Reporter
ANDERSON COUNTY – The morning hours of Sept. 22 were not so good for one alleged drug dealer in the county.
Damion Robinson, 39, was apprehended around 8 a.m. by ACSO drug interdiction and narcotics officers.
After several weeks of investigation into Robinson’s alleged crimes of manufacturing and delivering illegal chemical substances, ACSO officers secured an arrest warrant for Robinson and a search warrant for the premises in question.
Upon executing the warrants, Robinson was taken into custody without incident and a search of the scene yielded a chemical cornucopia of illegal substances, including two ounces of crack cocaine, 34 ounces of Promethizine (a codeine cough syrup derivative), one ounce of marijuana and several illegally held prescription drugs, according to Sheriff Greg Taylor.
“Currently, Robinson is in ACSO jail with no bond,” Taylor said. “He also had criminal non-support warrants.”
“We seized a little over $16,000 in cash, too,” Taylor said. “The value of the drugs was approximately $10,000 on the street.”
Robinson was charged with two counts of criminal non-support, Manufacture and Delivery of a Controlled substance, penalty group 1, more than 4 grams but less than 200 grams, possession of marijuana, less than two ounces, manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance in penalty groups three and 4, greater than or equal to 400 grams, and possession of dangerous drugs.