By the time you read this, the Thanksgiving holiday will have come and gone.  The day will be very unusual this time.  For years the holiday’s experience has been very predictable.  It’s always been dinner.  Turkey and football has always been the formula for a great day.  For generations in my family and in Claire’s family it’s been turkey and dressing and the Dallas Cowboys!  There is a nasty issue this year.  It’s about the NFL owners and players and respect to our National Anthem!  Since the spoiled little rich boys started the kneeling thing, I haven’t watched a game!

Claire has been loyal to my feelings and even though a great football fan, she hasn’t watched a game either!  Every Sunday she’s found a nature program or series to watch but I know she misses putting on that Whitten jersey and watching the Boys!  In East Texas we have a saying about being the bigger man!  You know, extending the hand in peace first.  Making effort to appreciate the other guys thoughts!  It’s trying to compromise and find some common ground.  Claire’s Mom and Dad have passed as have mine.  Those years of setting in front of the TV on Thanksgiving and watching the game with those loved ones are gone!

 To honor my wife and her family traditions I’m going to swallow my pride this year!  We are going to watch the Cowboys and I am going to keep my big mouth shut about politics and let my wife enjoy the game and reflect about better times with her Mom and Dad.  Who knows, I may even help clean the kitchen and wash some dishes.  I sure hope God continues to bless Houston County and I hope we express our gratitude to Him for His Son and our many blessings!

  *Footnote from the Strong Woman – The Dallas Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving every year since 1966 (except in 1975 and 1977 when the NFL in their infinite wisdom decided to replace the Cowboys with the Cardinals those 2 years).  That worked out so well that the Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving for 49 years.  I know that I have seen every one of those games.  So, to take liberty with a Texas saying, “Don’t Mess With Texas Traditions!”