Family Crisis Center 

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

EAST TEXAS –  As the summer season begins, the Janelle Grum Family Crisis Center of East Texas is launching a Food Drive to ensure that all survivors and their families can access warm, nutritious meals and various snack options. With children in the safe house no longer receiving school lunches during the summer months, the agency is contacting the community to help keep their pantry stocked.

Food nourishes both the body and the spirit. In addition to meeting biological and nutritional needs, certain foods can help improve mood and foster a sense of connection. 

The agency provides life-saving services and support, including food for shelter residents who are likely to be food insecure due to economic reasons, abuser control of family resources, disrupted mealtimes and eating disorders resulting from trauma.

“The summer months can be especially challenging for families in the agency’s care,” said Whitney Burran, executive director of the Family Crisis Center of East Texas. 

“Ensuring that the pantry is stocked with comforting foods is essential for the well-being of survivors. By providing these basic necessities, the agency can help them focus on healing and rebuilding their lives.”

The agency is asking for donations of the following items:

Jellies and syrups



Canned green beans


Canned tomatoes (all varieties)

Canned soups (all varieties)

Canned tuna in water

Individually-wrapped snacks


Cake mix

Cake icing

An Amazon shopping list is available for those who prefer to shop online, or community members can choose to shop locally and drop off their donations at any agency office. It is encouraged to call ahead at the Nacogdoches, Crockett, and San Augustine offices to ensure a staff member is present to receive donations.

“Food insecurity adds another layer of stress to already vulnerable families,” Burran added. “By coming together as a community to support this food drive, community members can provide not just meals, but a sense of security and hope for a brighter future.”

For more information about the Food Drive and how you can contribute, please contact Melissa Wheeler at 936-639-1681 or [email protected].

Drop-offs can be made in Crockett at 1512 East Loop 304, Building 200, or by calling 936-544-2151. In Lufkin, 2401 Davisville Rd., or by calling 936-639-1681. 

The Family Crisis Center of East Texas (FCCET) is a non-profit organization that empowers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing crisis intervention and advocacy services. The FCCET also engages the community through education to build awareness and prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.

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