And Now The Healing Begins

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

Editor’s note: Greg’s Corner is an editorial (opinion) section where Messenger Reporter Greg Ritchie shares odds and ends from the job and unusual or interesting facts from across the world and across time.

MESSENGER OFFICE – The employees and customers sat inside the ageless barber shop in downtown Crockett as they heard the young man run by, yelling. They knew something important must have happened, but the twang of the tinkle-can on the radio drowned out his words. Looking back and forth at each other, they couldn’t help but rush outside to see what the commotion was. 

Barbers still holding scissors and customers in robes, with shaving cream dripping from their necks all crowded outside to hear the big news. As they did, they gasped as they looked around the old Crockett square. 

The sun blazed brightly, but it felt cool and comfortable. The clouds had gone, replaced by a brilliant blue sky that seemed to sparkle. The streets shone, and several commented how there were no potholes, as pedestrian benches appeared before their eyes. 

One customer who missed the commotion, ran out of the bathroom yelling, the water smells like roses and it tastes so sweet. Seeing everyone gaping outside, he knew what had happened. 

No one had to ask, no one had to say a word. They knew. They all knew. 

The CEIDC Executive Director had his job back. And now things would be different. 

The city came together as one, united in a feeling of camaraderie – they knew now, finally, Crockett would be able to grow and prosper, like never before. 

They thanked the city council members for their wise ways – the council would probably disband now – their purpose had been served. Sewage, trash, crime, roads, water, grants – this was now quickly forgotten. Justice had been done and this one man’s job had been saved. 

Neighbors rushed out of their homes to meet neighbors. People of all races, creeds and religions embraced. 

No one would forget where they were that day, when they heard the news, and the city was saved. 

All except for CEIDC’s executive assistant. She watched from her window, careful to not be seen through the curtains by the people gathered in the streets. Although no one noticed at the time, she didn’t get her position back. 

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