Second Annual Prayer Breakfast in Crockett

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – To mark National Day of Prayer held Thursday, May 2, local Pastor and radio host Charlana Kelly held the second annual “Houston County Leaders and Pastors’ Prayer Breakfast” and the Crockett Civic Center. The event got underway at 6 a.m. on a stormy morning, although the spirit of the event made sure the breakfast was well-attended and much appreciated by everyone present. 

The earlier start time gave Kelly an opportunity to expand the program, offering time for county leaders and local pastors to each share a message and a prayer, with hymns sung by David Maitland. 

Crockett Mayor Dr. Ianthia Fisher opened the morning with a prayer, before the group munched on homemade treats by Margaret Broughton. 

Houston County Judge Jim Lovell read a proclamation regarding a day when Americans of all faiths come together to pray for the country, before offering a prayer of his own. 

“Our gracious Heavenly Father, as one who tries to lead this great county, a county You have blessed, as we are the first county established in Texas. I thank You for the leaders we have in our county – from our law enforcement to all county offices. I ask You to be with them, to bless them, to strengthen them – as in all things, Lord, we always seek You. All these things I ask You and Your son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen,” Lovell said. 

Keynote speaker Pastor Lawyer Jolley spoke about why revival is crucial for believers, noting America turns away from God, much like Israel of the Bible, and will pay a price for turning from God. 

Crockett City Administrator John Angerstein spoke about how prayer can revive our cities, praying, “Lord, we want to see mercy, righteousness and peace established in our communities. We ask all of the leaders in our community and in our churches to seek You first, to seek Your will. That all of our decisions be made through You and that we may never be able to point to one person and say, ‘They did this,’ because You are the author. We pray against Satan and all his devices.”

Pastor Tim Allen announced he had decided to leave the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards, surprising to many and promised to speak with The Messenger next week about that decision. Allen noted Texas has 10% of all the refugee children in the U.S., saying God has entrusted the people of Texas with a fiduciary and spiritual responsibility to take care of those children. 

Lifepointe Church Pastor Timothy Jones gave a powerful speech, asking for prayer to revive our pastors and churches, praying, “May the sick be healed, may the oppressed be set free, may the lost be saved – as Your kingdom comes and shows us its power – turn out spiritual complacency into a fervent zeal for Your house.”

Houston County Attorney Daphne Session said she was moved by all the words already said and wanted to opt for a simple prayer, thanking God for the day and for the life-giving rain. Session said people should come before the Lord not only on this day of prayer, but every day.

“From the leaders of this nation, the leaders of the state and the leaders of this county and the cities within, we ask for prayer for them. We know their burden is heavy and we know they cannot get through it without You,” Session prayed. 

Grapeland Pastor Vance Drum began by saying he felt blessed to be a part of the prayer breakfast and commented on the great progress he continues to make in his prison ministry. He thanked God for what He is doing in our community, noting he was celebrating 25 years as pastor of his church, with attendance at record levels, even for what he called a “small, country church.” 

“In this room we have unity across denominations,” Drum said. “God made us all. God loves us all. God is with us all. God blesses us all.” 

Vance joked he was one of only two pastors wearing a tie at the event. 

“Do you know what means?” Drum asked. “Not much. It just means we were born in the first half of the last century. All of the diversity which God brings to unity is the blessing.” 

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