Ernest Jackson Runs for Re-Election to Crockett Council

Special to The Messenger

CROCKETT – My name is Ernest Jackson and I am running for re-election in Precinct Three for Crockett City Council. 

I was born and raised here in Crockett, graduating from high school here in 1973. I have been married to my wife for 49 years. We have a daughter and we recently lost a son. I retired after working for 30 years at the Texas Department of Corrections, before working for myself as an electrician. I am a Baptist pastor and preach at several churches in the area. 

I have proudly served on city council for the last eight years. When I was first approached about running, I wasn’t sure. I am not a politician. But I have enjoyed my time, because it has allowed me to serve my community and I have been able to have a positive impact in our city. 

I am asking for your support for re-election, since we still have so much work to do. I want to continue to stand up for our city and its people. When they decided to privatize garbage collection in Crockett, I sat and listened to them talk about the financial benefits, but I never heard them say anything about our city workers who would lose their jobs. I finally had and enough and told them they should be ashamed of themselves, for not taking these good people into consideration. They finally agreed to offer them a severance package, just like when a private company downsizes. After all, these were good people who had done a good job and these people had families and responsibilities. None of this was their fault and it was the right thing to do. I am proud of that. 

I am determined to to win this election because I don’t want any interruptions in the good work we are currently doing. We have a mayor who’s very helpful, has great leadership and we have a council where all of us we work together. We don’t always agree but we respect whatever the decision is. 

Our city is poised for tremendous growth. We have a company already setting up in the industrial park and there’ll be more coming. I get the sense we are in a phase of economic growth and we need experienced people. We have to be a government that works for all people and we can’t afford to play games with the future of our citizens. 

I think the citizens of Crockett need to know our city government is at stake in this election. The direction in which our government will be going is at stake in this election. We have three seats that have challengers and I genuinely feel those challengers don’t have the best intentions for the good of our city. I say that publicly, I say it privately. I’ll say it wherever I need to say it. 

Crockett is an old city. I’ve been here all 69 years of my life and I enjoy what I do. I stand for what is right and good for our citizens. Some may not agree with me on some matters. But at the end of the day, I am bound and determined to do what is right and good for all our citizens, not just a chosen few.

And I ask your support in continuing to represent the good people of Precinct Three, as we take our city further and bring our community together. 

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