Meet New Crockett Head Coach Jody Jordan 

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT –  With the Crockett Independent School District’s (CISD) recent naming of its new Athletic Director and Head Coach Jody Jordan, The Messenger wanted to catch up with a busy Jordan to find out more about the man set to lead the Bulldogs. 

Jordan was running that day between practices and meetings before the holiday weekend when administrators and kids alike were planning to take some time off. While the students won’t return for over a month and many sports won’t get started until the Spring, an athletic director’s job doesn’t pause for the summer. Jordan is a busy man. 

Jordan came to Crockett last year to work on the Bulldog defense with a pedigree of 5- and 6A school experience. One of the points CISD Superintendent John Emerich and the school board noted was the fact that Jordan is already a part of this program and already knows these kids. 

Jordan seemed ready for the challenge, a humble man with some serious coaching experience, Jordan is originally from Rusk and after years coaching in the Houston area, was ready to come back home to greener pastures and a quieter life. 

“I love it here in Crockett,” Jordan said. “I was in the ‘hustle and bustle’ of Houston for 16 years. I am from East Texas originally and I was happy to be able to come back last year.”

Jordan was sorry to see Coach Alton Dixon go – Dixon was the one who recruited Jordan to come to Crockett – but understood and thought he would apply for the job. Jordan was already working on summer activities and drills when he got the news and said the transition was painless. 

“It’s been seamless at our STP (speed strength program.) We came in and did our work with our great group of kids,” Jordan said. “And at the end, we recognize those who had an outstanding day. We give them ‘three,’ three claps for doing a good job. I hadn’t said anything about getting the job but one of the kids said, ‘We need to give Coach Jordan three because he just got the AD and football job. Give him three!’”

Jordan’s ability to give his all to his teams comes from his personal history – he knows what it’s like to be young and face real-life challenges. 

“I lost my parents at 18 – 18 great years of my life, then I lose them and had some tough times. I love coaching and I have coached places where the kids have needs or wants, which I understand,” Jordan said. “I feel like I fit well with kids.”

Jordan’s record is impressive, with bi-district championships, a winning record as football coach, sending many of his students to play in college. What the CISD administrators, coaches and kids are beginning to realize is his philosophy about working with his student-athletes may be his biggest strength. 

“It’s all about choices. We talk about attitude and I have a great attitude. Because your attitude determines the choices you make and the habits you create. We try to push kids in the right direction to make good choices because I believe over time, they create good habits,” Jordan concluded. “We are creatures of habit. You get up in the morning, brush your teeth. That’s a good habit. Now apply that to the rest of your life: in academics, your behavior, your citizenship in the community, your character and those kinds of things. Good choices and good habits equal great destiny.”

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