Palestine’s McMullen Tax Service to Open Office in Grapeland

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

GRAPELAND – For over 40 years, McMullen Tax Service has served the people of Anderson and Houston counties led by owners John and Kimberly Wisener. Now, they have decided to open a satellite office in Grapeland to better serve their customers in Houston County. 

Wisener was approached by Darla Meyer who informed them she would be stepping away from her practice and wanted to know if McMullen would be willing to take on her customers. Wisener agreed and wanted to open a location closer to Meyer’s customers and to some of his own customers in the area to save them a trip to Palestine. The agreement will be effective June 4, 2023, with Wisener hoping to better serve the people and businesses of Houston County. 

“When it comes to payroll, bookkeeping and tax prep needs, we currently have a fairly significant volume of clients from Houston County that traveled to Palestine tot come see us.,” Wisener said. “So we felt it might be time for us to have a presence in Grapeland. Because if my information is correct, we will be the only tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll service provider in Grapeland after Meyer steps aside.”

Wisener will soon be moving in the professional building next to Prosperity Bank in Grapeland. 

“Right now it’s occupied by an insurance company but they are relocating. I don’t have an official date of when we will have a physical office in Grapeland,” Wisener explained. “Of course, we do have a location here in Palestine and we do serve the general public. I realized though, not everyone wants to make that drive to Palestine. So as soon as we can get the office open and have a presence there, we will have a grand opening and advise people of when that grand opening will be.”

Wisener attended Sam Houston State University where he majored in agriculture which he said gave him insight into agriculture, farming and ranching activities. He also serves as a pastor in Huntsville, assisting churches in keeping their books clear, too. 

“I am very familiar with clergy and ministerial taxes and we assist a lot of churches with their payroll. We ministers are a peculiar breed, because of the tax code and how it’s written in regards to clergy income tax,” Wisener explained. “I also do a fair amount of business tax returns of mom-and-pop businesses, partnerships and corporations. We have a wide range of clients stretching across the United States and into some foreign countries because we’ve got missionaries that are overseas in Russia and China. And so we prepare their income tax return for them even though they’re not in the United States.”

McMullen Tax Service can be reached at (903) 723-6764 for more information about their services and their upcoming location in Grapeland. 

Greg Ritchie can be reached at [email protected]

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