Piney Woods Sanitation Changes Pickup Routes Around Crockett

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – At a Crockett City Council meeting held Oct. 17, City Administrator John Angerstein told the members there would be changed to the routes and pickup days for some residential customers in Crockett. 

Piney Woods Sanitation (PWS) has expanded its operations in Crockett, allowing it to cover more ground in fewer days. The company recently finished a mechanic shop in Crockett and will no longer need to take trash all the way to Angelina County to dump trash. PWS can now load garbage from Crockett onto trucks which will transport it out of the area, allowing the local pick-up trucks to cover more ground. 

The council was informed this would reduce the number of days of trash pickup in Crockett. Currently PWS picks up every day in some part of the city. This would be reduced to only Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Most people who already have pickup on those days would not be affected, but residents with Tuesday or Thursday pickups would move to one of the new days. 

PWS agreed to publish the new days in local media to make sure residents are ready for the new schedule which was set to begin sometime in November. The Messenger was not notified, unfortunately, that the change actually began Oct. 24, leaving many residents unclear to how the changes would take place. 

Joe Hatten with PWS told the Messenger so far they are working through the transition and trying to keep calls to a minimum from residents unaware of the changes. 

The normal Tuesday route has been changed to Monday, except for Quail Trail, Overstreet Circle and Dodson Apartments which are now set for a Wednesday pickup. 

“The Thursday half that was moved to Wednesday was from 6th Street to US 287/TX 19. The cut off is also Lincoln Street for the Wednesday route.  The other half of the Thursday route that moved to Friday is from 6th Street over to Houston Ave. and is now on the Friday route,” Hatten explained. “The boundaries for the Friday route are from 6th Street to Bowie Ave.”

PWS also offers bulk pickup from residential customers – but there are some rules to follow. Residents must call 24 hours beforehand to let PWS know to expect bulkier items so they can route the right truck. 

“We do bulk items once a month per household,” Hatten said. “We cannot take any items with freon unless it has been removed by a licensed repairman and it has to be tagged. We cannot take tires and cooking oils.”

Hatten said PWS does have an anti-freeze and oil recycling tank at their facility located at the corner of Pease and Durrett in Crockett. 

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