There’s a New Deputy in Town 

10-Year-Old Swears in With Houston County Agencies 

By Jason Jones 

Messenger Reporter 

CROCKETT – Houston County Law Enforcement stepped up to further the dream of a young man striving to bring awareness to childhood cancer. 

10-year-old Devarjaye “DJ” Daniel has terminal brain cancer and spinal cancer. On January 31, he reached his goal of being sworn in to 100 law enforcement agencies to bring awareness to childhood cancer. He hasn’t slowed down since. 

DJ and his family arrived in Houston County Tuesday to be sworn in as a deputy with the Houston County Sheriff’s Department and as an Honorary Patrolman with Grapeland Police Department. Sheriff Randy Hargrove and Chief Thomas Shafer handled the swearing in duties for the departments. DJ was decked out in a perfectly tailored HCSD uniform and was presented with badges and certificates from both departments. 

Theodis Daniel, DJ’s father, said that his son understands the gravity of his situation, but isn’t letting it keep him from achieving his goal. And while bringing awareness to childhood cancer is a cause of great importance, his efforts have had an amazing side effect. 

Daniel, who works for a company called Texas Hog Enforcement, which traps wild hogs and other dangerous animals, noted that it has been a rough time for law enforcement, and that DJ’s travels and visits to the many agencies across the state have brought a lot of goodwill and raised spirits. 

Sheriff Hargrove and Chief Shafer both expressed what an honor it was to have DJ become a part of their organizations. 

What’s next for DJ? Over 400 law enforcement agencies outside the state of Texas are now on the Daniel family’s agenda. Betting against a young man with DJ’s spirit and drive would be a losing proposition. 

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